Life without all forms of abuse. Is this possible? Sharing my story

Emotional abuse is real and happens all the time. Sometimes it happens when we know it, sometimes when we don’t. Sometimes we do it, sometimes the people we love do it. I started this post to share my past stories and how I am learning to get out of this cycle. Once abused, there is always a probability that you try not to be abusive to others, because you hate your past. But, sometimes, it is just too difficult not to fall into the trap of projecting your feelings to someone else. Wanting them to feel your pain.

I share my stories, my feelings after being abused, but also some stories from people close to me. I hope that in one way, we can share our path to healing – towards a world of love and kindness. That is my wish. To be in a world with no hate, no emotional, psychological, physical and most importantly – sexual abuse.

I am no expert – but I hope that sharing these stories will create awareness and help me, and others who might feel trapped in a never ending cycle from the consequences.


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