If You Act Like You’re Okay, No One Will Notice You’re Dying Inside — Thought Catalog

Unsplash, Matheus FerreroI’ve always managed to hide my catastrophic thoughts beneath a smile. People never question things once they see how fine you are. That’s the ugly truth that I’ve learned to accept. My friends and family never questioned the times when I suddenly excused myself and locked myself in the bathroom for at least ten…

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2 thoughts on “If You Act Like You’re Okay, No One Will Notice You’re Dying Inside — Thought Catalog

  1. Being alone in your thoughts is sometimes good, therapeutic and clarity-producing. However, it is sometimes more productive to discuss your thoughts and feelings with someone with whom you can trust to hear a new perspective. Perhaps a little encouragement, different strategies to cope with your concerns, and just a listening ear is all that you need to change your outlook. Don’t bottle up your feelings or isolate for long periods of time, and don’t make it your go-to solution.This way you can reality-check, and gain a new perspective on problems and focus on solution-finding.

    You have choices and power to make things better, accept those things outside of your power, and if nothing else, you can train your brain to look at the ways that you can change your perception or reaction to those concerns. It takes time, and often it will take the support of someone else. Ultimately, it is our thoughts that present our greatest problems…the way we interpret life’s events can lead to fight or flight responses and at those times try to fight. You are worth it!

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  2. As an only child and also somewhat of a loner, I get the tendency to problem-sole alone, while all outward appearances say that ‘I’m fine’. But, I have learned that it is okay to be a private person as long as that does not mean that we retreat when we should, in fact, reach out to someone. A sounding board, listening ear and a fresh perspective may be just the solution that leads us to rise to our better selves. Trust that your emotions are valid to you, but sometimes when we feel like giving up thinking all is lost, that is our opportunity to grow, struggle to overcome and triumph over fears when they are really all that lies between us and positive change. Take a chance on you when you feel like running away from a problem , person, emotion, before you go face them, speak your peace and then begin your own personal journey into happiness. Believe me, it is going to hard at first, but once you let it all out, let go, you will have begun to make life work for YOU in active mode not passive.

    No matter what you may have been told, you can do it, you are worthy and you will be better for focusing and acting in your best interest first. After that, everything and everyone who you care about, and who really care for you will be happier for your strength. You are not alone, and you don’t have to be. [I wish that someone would have said these words to me in my time of loneliness and despair.

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