A chat with a victim

She said,

They will always say it is your fault

They will say you started this shit

They will always say it is never their fault

They will resent you for being right

They will tell you that you don’t respect them

They will say they always have to put up with your shit

They will say you are not worth their love

They will always say they deserve much better

They will say they are the reason you exist

They will claim to even make you breathe

It is the mindset of an emotional abuser

They hate that you are strong

They know that you are very strong

Actually they get their strength from abusing you

Walk away and never look back

Cut the ties and let yourself fly into the darkness

For inside the darkness there is light and love

The one that you long for

The stars and the sound if silence that you need desperately

Claudia, but I am stuck in this cycle, I say to her

She said,

Let go. Just let go. Breathe.

Break it for the sake if your little ones

Break it for the sake of your unborn

Break the cycle because no matter how many times you fall for it again

You know that you can always get out


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