Beauty and the beast

Right now with three beautiful girls 

Two with the same names, one with a weird look

Happily speaking to me on Skype

Walking around naked before me

The other sleeping on the bed

Obviously exhausted from last nights  orgy 

The last one cooking in the kitchen

For the rest of tired and hungry looking humans

I am in another side of the world

Watching this movie alone

Obviously cannot explain what I feel

Claims of nothing happened between us

He is such a beauty inside

But a beast on the outside

Maybe vice versa

I don’t understand what they see

Those charms get them so easy

Or it is yet another game

I seem to lose it these days

I am no innocent but I do care

I have feelings which I tend to put them aside


Fam texts me she is broke

No money for Easter, no celebration

I email a friend to sort her out

Evening, still in my bed cannot move

My mind shifts to others who have each other

I see my neighbour, alone too she is

No family, no daughter or son

She’s in the armchair

I am on the couch

We talk politics, family and friends

I swear I won’t do anything that would hurt us

These words I know best

To think that I would be the one

When you are finally alone

These things you think about deeply

Now I watch beauty and the beast

The new version does not please me

I switch my phone off

I switch my laptop off and go to sleep

I probably will stay offline for the rest of the coming days

Hope some beauty is still left inside of me


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