Didn’t see this coming

Somehow even after going through hell in life, it is possible to attract and be attracted to some positive people in your life. Being positive and taking bad or rough things that come to you with all the positive energy you can possibly attract. Today, I am happy and appreciate all the kind people I have met in my life. Not only kind, but those who see the beauty in you, the determination, the spirit, the faults in you and the mismatch. Yet, they still treasure you for who you are.

Tonight, I lay my worries and jealousy aside and appreciate love of all kinds, measures, design, or whether it is said out of purity or not.

Tonight, I see only love, kindness and togetherness. I wish to share the same for the rest of the week and month. Love all kind and sizes.

Healing from a rugged past takes time. Along the way you get fresh wounds and in other cases, the past wounds ope again. Takes time and energy to stitch them back together.

But with love? Only a short time and all gets wiped out. Leaving no traces.


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