The sounds that these creatures make just to wake me up from my sleep. The grace by which they fly, glide and land when they choose to. The way they fly together. I cannot help but smile every morning when they wake me up. 

Now its different, they woke me up from my evening nap. And as I lay in my bed, I am listening, quietly and wishing I was them.

These birds don’t care if I am covered in shit or blanket or if I am scared or brave, happy or sad. I don’t think they even realize how much I wish to be like them. Stand tall and with my beak,peck all the dirt and bad things away while carefully selecting what I need and what I don’t.

Well, it is easy to say I know what I want, but those birds know best as they practically live and walk the life of being a bird.

As days go by, all I want is for you to take me to the skies and I fly away to my version of happiness. 



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