You feel what you feel

Fire, life, emotions, sadness and laughter

All these feelings coming at once

I lay myself on stones wondering

How did I come this far?

Shoes in the background with labels

I never really cared about labels anyway

Never really cared about wealth or poverty

It would never impress me at all

I realize all I ever wanted was happiness

Laughter, passion and good spirits

People caring for each other

Not being alone

I see old and young mix together

No shame but just living life

Alone in my thoughts I struggle to understand

The current human nature

Just how far we must go to make other people’s lives hell

Haven’t we had hell already?

Tasted, bathed and swam in it?

Haven’t we had enough of bashing and guilt tripping?

What do we gain from this endless torture?

Where is our love and laughter?

I lay down eyes closed, listening to the waves

Strong waves I hear

Strong enough to bring me to my knees

But still I want to stand straight

Something keeps me up there

Strong and steady

My legs weakening but the blood inside boiling

Ready to pour over every single detail

Burst in flames of laughter and sadness

Where is the bird that sang the beautiful love song?

Steadily I come to my final dream

Nothing really matters

Just the sea, the sand, the stones and good memories

I feel what I feel

And you feel what you feel


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