Unspoken words

Find me a heart that is not broken,

Find me a love that sees no hate,

Find me a smile that hides no pain,

Find me the unspoken words.

Show me the side that is all good,

Show me the craziness that heals,

Show me the hurt that runs deep,

Show me the unspoken words.

Tell me that the sun doesn’t shine no more,

Tell me that the raindrops don’t heal no more,

Tell me that the fire within don’t burn no more,

Tell me the unspoken words.

Correct my childish spirit lacking experience,

Correct my words that hang with a bang,

Correct the uncertainty that liveth beneath,

Correct my unspoken words.

Seek the freedom that is worth loving,

Seek the bubbles that breath kindness,

Seek the red stone bricks that are hardly sane,

Seek the unspoken words.

Drive me to the woman who shows affection and integrity,

Drive me to the man who is gentle and kind hearted,

Drive me to the child who is neglected and abandoned,

Drive into me the unspoken words.


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