Her bones, my bones

Those bones. Tired and fragile.

They have seen hunger, pain and suffering.

They have also supported heavy body and soul carrying huge amount of love that knows no end

Those bones you see fragile have shaped your face

Those bones you despise have uttered many words you never heard

I touched many bones but never have I touched these ones

Her bones tell me the story of the one who waited for a light in the end of the tunnel

Her bones speak of hurt and torture

Her bones shackle and crack without a sound

They part in ways she can never understand

The tiny little fractures and interconnectedness of a life well lived

I cannot fully comprehend why fertility even matters

For when they were fertile her womb was carved in stone and spears

For when they meant something, the world despised her with hate and anger

For when she danced with pain stricken face, her lover loathed her

But the narrative has to stand still

Perception and fulfillment in one line waiting to be served

Hurt and love on the other line waiting to nag

Sun streaming through the window and her bones stretch

Making that tiny sound

Alas! Freedom is here for those who want it

Whatever makes us who we are for the world to see

Naked we lay waiting for devotion

Times for laughter and for kindness

It seems hard nut to crack

She cannot leave, he cannot leave

We all live in this crazy world

Live, cry, laugh and beat it all

For nobody’s gonna save you from yourself


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