Run away

I share my pain just the same way I share my joy.

I am happy and sad at equal measures.

The same intensity of my happiness is the same intensity of my sadness.

When I get to the level, I do push people I care about away.

I do not know how to love then.

I am not sure why I am fighting for something I will never have.

Why this pain? Why this torture?

Sometimes I hate myself for falling into your charms.

I despise myself for being in love yet being with other.

Lost in the forest of affection and doubt.

I reach out to those who have no idea what it feels like to love openly.

I seek them out from their hiding and laugh at myself

Is this all you’ve got woman?

Now run away from your shell and break the spell

Run away


2 thoughts on “Run away

  1. Very deeply felt emotional expression. If writing is your catharsis, then write on! Let me say that your struggle is not yours alone;you are simply human….trying to get to your authenticity, just as we each are. No one can be you but you, so love you like no one else!

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