Words left unsaid

I received the news last week,

I shed a tear and cried hysterically,

I never understood why so much anger,

Instead of remembering the bad things,

I remembered only the good.

I wrote these words to you,

To know how much you meant to me,

Your hearty laughter still rings,

Your silly jokes and sacred moments,

You never told me why it hurt.

I was looking forward to meeting you,

To close all the hurt and ache,

To tell you that it doesn’t matter no more,

To show you my hearts scars disappeared.

I am happy we talked after our breakup,

I finally learnt to forgive you,

I learnt to let go of the words you said,

I know what it means to freak out.

As I look into the sea today,

I think about your words and emotions,

You made everyone in a room light up when you walked in,

You were the definition of laughter, grace, attitude, sacrifice.

I still cannot believe you are gone,

I still cannot believe it

The sadness grips my heart.

So many words left unsaid,

I shall tell them to your kid one day.


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