Closer to her

Sleeping close to my mother

On the other bed my sister and her son

Knowing that the other room has my brother and his best friend

And my cousin too

I feel so at home

That any riches nor good life would never take this away

The feeling of being with those who truly love you

I feel so at home

Even though I cannot sleep because of tiny wretched mosquitos

They keep buzzing in my ear

I hate the mosquito net

Ever since I was a kid

But my mother insists we should have it

Now I am awake in the middle of the night

Thinking how blessed I am

Having a family and friends who care

Something else keeps me awake

Someone I love deeply was born on this day

How I wish for him all the best this life can offer

His dreams to come true

His love to be fulfilled

His joy to be known and satisfied

I think deeply of him as if I was


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